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John Gray looks at Oakeshott’s Notebooks

Literary Review



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Oakeshott themed issue of Cosmos + Taxis

Cosmos + Taxis


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Jesse Norman’s reflections reach Australia

One month on, the Australian Financial Review has republished Jesse Norman’s reflections inspired by Michael Oakeshott’s Notebooks.

Note: the newspaper uses a paywall, so you will need to be a subscriber, or find a paper copy, or you will have to fall back on the New Statesman original.

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A New Look at Michael Oakeshott

Lee Auspitz looks at the recent spate of Oakeshottiana in the Claremont Review of Books Spring 2014, Vol. XIV, No. 2: 54-59. For more by Lee Auspitz visit his site.


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Josiah Lee Auspitz on Oakeshott

Long-time Oakeshott student Josiah Lee Auspitz has begun putting his philosophical and political writings on the web – starting with his work on Oakeshott.

There are several gems, including Auspitz’s beautifully written 1991 American Scholar obituary for Oakeshott, which I think still ranks as one of the finest essays in the crop from that era (we have long had a copy here on the MOA site, too).

Perhaps the current highlight, in terms of recency, is the essay “Deciding versus Choosing”, first published in the German and English anthology Praxis und Politik–Michael Oakeshott im Dialog. This came out last year (2013), and included papers from the MOA’s 2007 conference.