Corey and Orsi Attract Attention

Nomocracy in Politics has republished Elizabeth Corey’s article, “Oakeshott’s Ideal of the Liberal State”, which was earlier published by the Library of Law and Liberty in 2012.

Meanwhile, Davide Orsi’s article “Michael Oakeshott’s political philosophy of civil association and constructivism in International Relations” has been ranked as the “Most Read” article for May 2015 by the International Journal of Political Theory.

Davide Orsi's article on Oakeshott ranks as the most read JIPT article for May, 2015

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Epstein on Oakeshott

Joseph Epstein, writing in the 15 June, 2015 edition of The Weekly Standard, considers Michael Oakeshott as “The Conversationalist”.

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Andrew Gamble on Oakeshott and Totalitarianism

Andrew Gamble presented a lecture on “Oakeshott and Totalitarianism” to the Birkbeck Department of Politics, University of London, on 3 June, 2015.

Audio recordings of the lecture in .mp3 format, along with Dr Jason Edwards’ introduction and the question time, are available on the event’s web page at Backdoor Broadcasting.

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An Empty Conservative or a Critical Theorist?

I missed this discussion when it happened in February, 2015, but as the MOA exists to promote critical discussion, as well as knowledge, of Oakeshott’s thought, I thought it was still worth sharing, now that I’ve found it!

Is Oakeshott an “empty conservative”, as Jason Kuznicki suggests at Clown Town.

Or is he perhaps a critical theorist, as Adam Gurri argues on Sweet Talk Conversation?

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A Companion to Michael Oakeshott

Now available in paperback


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