Law, Liberty and State: Oakeshott, Hayek and Schmitt on the Rule of Law

This recently published by Cambridge University Press9781107093386

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Oakeshott, Coleridge and Burke in Vancouver

Canada’s Simon Fraser University has scheduled a Continuing Studies course for September, 2015 in Vancouver, on “Considering Conservatism: Stability and Social Continuity”.

The course will focus on Edmund Burke, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Michael Oakeshott, and costs “$169″ (although adults over 55 years old get a $59 discount – I presume both figures are in Canadian dollars).

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Are We Still Political Animals?

The University of Leiden’s Robbert-Jan Winters turned to Oakeshott’s theory of civil and enterprise association for insights in a July 2015 “mini-conference” at Oxford.

“Although Oakeshott is not widely read, I argue that he offers a philosophically sophisticated definition of politics that allows us to understand what it must mean, as opposed to what we would like it to mean…”

The Humane Philosophy YouTube channel has a video of the session (Note: the discussion of Oakeshott begins at the 13 minute mark).

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Oakeshott’s Cold War Liberalism Today

May 2015 saw Palgrave Macmillan release an anthology exploring Michael Oakeshott’s Cold War Liberalism.

Edited by long-term Oakeshottian Terry Nardin, the volume includes papers from a conference held three years ago at South Korea’s Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

The book is available in hardcover and EPUB format.

Please note: In a previous post, we linked to videos from the conference available on Vimeo.

Also, one of the chapters in the new volume is Andrew Gamble’s “Oakeshott and Totalitarianism”; we linked to Gamble’s June 2015 lecture on the same topic in a post last month.

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Corey and Orsi Attract Attention

Nomocracy in Politics has republished Elizabeth Corey’s article, “Oakeshott’s Ideal of the Liberal State”, which was earlier published by the Library of Law and Liberty in 2012.

Meanwhile, Davide Orsi’s article “Michael Oakeshott’s political philosophy of civil association and constructivism in International Relations” has been ranked as the “Most Read” article for May 2015 by the International Journal of Political Theory.

Davide Orsi's article on Oakeshott ranks as the most read JIPT article for May, 2015

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