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Michael Oakeshott and the Left

A new paper by Luke O’Sullivan.

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Call for Papers — Hull 2015

Call for papers for the 2015 conference of the

Michael Oakeshott Association

at Hull University, U.K., 

on 17th-19th September 2015


‘The place of Michael Oakeshott in contemporary Western and non-Western thought’


Papers are invited on the aspects of Oakeshott’s thought considered to be of most continuing relevance. Papers which discuss this by relating Oakeshott to contemporaries such as Hayek, Berlin, Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss, for example, will be especially welcome, although it is perfectly acceptable to include as ‘contemporaries’ thinkers like St. Augustine, Montaigne and Pascal with whom he felt a profound spiritual affinity. Discussion of Oakeshott’s place in the modern European philosophical tradition at large, and not merely the idealist idiom, would also be very appropriate, but all interpretations of the ongoing relevance of his thought – whether they emphasize the philosophical, theological, aesthetic, ethical, political, educational or historiographical dimensions – will receive sympathetic consideration. This is especially true of attempts to explain the reasons for the growing interest in Oakeshott amongst non-Western thinkers.

 Submission details to be made available in due course.

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John Gray looks at Oakeshott’s Notebooks

Literary Review



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Oakeshott themed issue of Cosmos + Taxis

Cosmos + Taxis


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Jesse Norman’s reflections reach Australia

One month on, the Australian Financial Review has republished Jesse Norman’s reflections inspired by Michael Oakeshott’s Notebooks.

Note: the newspaper uses a paywall, so you will need to be a subscriber, or find a paper copy, or you will have to fall back on the New Statesman original.