MOA Hull


Two of the official photographs from the recent Hull conference.


Terry Nardin, Keynote Speaker


Executive Committee

Front L to R: Corey Abel, John Coats, Tim Fuller, Bob Grant

Back L to R: Kevin Williams, Leslie Marsh, Chor-yung Cheung, Noel O’Sullivan, Mark North, Paul Franco, Ken McIntyre

Absent: Elizabeth Corey and Eric Kos

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Law, Liberty and State: Oakeshott, Hayek and Schmitt on the Rule of Law

This recently published by Cambridge University Press9781107093386

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Oakeshott, Coleridge and Burke in Vancouver

Canada’s Simon Fraser University has scheduled a Continuing Studies course for September, 2015 in Vancouver, on “Considering Conservatism: Stability and Social Continuity”.

The course will focus on Edmund Burke, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Michael Oakeshott, and costs “$169” (although adults over 55 years old get a $59 discount – I presume both figures are in Canadian dollars).

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Are We Still Political Animals?

The University of Leiden’s Robbert-Jan Winters turned to Oakeshott’s theory of civil and enterprise association for insights in a July 2015 “mini-conference” at Oxford.

“Although Oakeshott is not widely read, I argue that he offers a philosophically sophisticated definition of politics that allows us to understand what it must mean, as opposed to what we would like it to mean…”

The Humane Philosophy YouTube channel has a video of the session (Note: the discussion of Oakeshott begins at the 13 minute mark).

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Oakeshott’s Cold War Liberalism Today

May 2015 saw Palgrave Macmillan release an anthology exploring Michael Oakeshott’s Cold War Liberalism.

Edited by long-term Oakeshottian Terry Nardin, the volume includes papers from a conference held three years ago at South Korea’s Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

The book is available in hardcover and EPUB format.

Please note: In a previous post, we linked to videos from the conference available on Vimeo.

Also, one of the chapters in the new volume is Andrew Gamble’s “Oakeshott and Totalitarianism”; we linked to Gamble’s June 2015 lecture on the same topic in a post last month.

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