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News: Update on Oakeshott’s Selected Writings

Vol. 2 LSE Lectures on the History of Political Thought Luke O’Sullivan (co-editor) writes: A first draft of the main text of the LSE lectures scheduled for publication in 2006 is now complete. It is based on the final versions

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Oakeshott and von Mises on Human Action (Gene Callahan, 2003)

“Oakeshott and von Mises on Understanding Human Action”, by Gene Callahan (Ludwig von Mises Institute Working Paper, 2003) Update (1 January 2007): Gene Callahan’s working paper has now graduated to be a published article in The Independent Review (2005)

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A paper from the 2002 British Society of Criminology Conference (Keele)

Oakeshott, Authority and Civil Disobedience, by Steven Gerencser

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A paper from the 2004 Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas (Spain)

The Idealism of the Young Oakeshott, by Efraim Podoksik

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2 Papers from the 2004 UK Political Studies Association Conference

Oakeshott: What Kind of Liberal?, by Efraim Podoksik Michael Oakeshott’s Conception(s) of Political Activity, by Suvi Soininen

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