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Rationalism Revisited (Kenneth Minogue, 2003)

Rationalism Revisited, was Kenneth Minogue’s Presidential Address to the MO Association’s 2003 conference in Colorado

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On Writing Michael Oakeshott’s Biography (Robert Grant, 2003)

On Writing Michael Oakeshott’s Biography, by Robert Grant, was an address to the MO Association’s 2003 Conference in Colorado

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What is History? and other essays (2004)

Luke O’Sullivan, whose own study of Oakeshott on History was published last year, has now edited an anthology of essays by Oakeshott, most of which have not been previously published. The 30 essays in What is History? span the gamut

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What is Political Theory?

What is Political Theory?, a sample chapter from the posthumous anthology What is History? and other Essays (2004), is available at the web site of the publisher, Imprint Academic

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Work and Play

Work and Play, was first published in First Things (1995)

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