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John Locke (1932)

John Locke is a prime 1930s example of Oakeshott’s skill as an essayist.

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Hobbes on Civil Association (1975, 2000)

The Liberty Press edition of Hobbes on Civil Association is available for free download from the Online Library of Liberty. The 1975 volume reprinted three of Oakeshott’s essays on Hobbes, including the famous Introduction to Leviathan, which was modified in

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Oakeshott on Freedom and Civil Association (Ian Tregenza, 2004)

Oakeshott on Freedom and Civil Association was Ian Tregenza’s paper presented to the Oakeshott Symposium held at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia (March, 2004).

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Review of 3 recent books from Imprint Academic (George Feaver, 2004)

George Feaver’s review review of 3 recent books on Oakeshott, originally published in The Times Literary Supplement (2004). The books reviewed are: Efraim Podoksik In Defence of Modernity: Vision and Philosophy in Michael Oakeshott Ian Treganza Michael Oakeshott on Hobbes:

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Review of What is History? and other essays (Jonathan Sumption, 2004)

Sworn enemy of the Gradgrinds is Jonathan Sumption’s review of What is History? and other essays. The review was originally published in The Spectator (2004)

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