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First impressions of recent Imprint titles

The recent Oakeshott-related titles from Imprint Academic are aesthetically pleasing and also illustrate the continuing vitality of Oakeshott studies. Keith Sutherland from Imprint Academic kicked off 2009 in handsome fashion, sending me a batch of his recent Oakeshott titles, starting with Kevin

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Vale George Feaver and Bernard Crick

Leslie Marsh has drawn our attention to the death of George Feaver, who contributed to several of the MO Association’s Conferences, and of Bernard Crick, who once dubbed Oakeshott “the lonely nihilist” of the LSE, and who much later described

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Oakeshott as seen late in life

Leslie Marsh has posted on his blog a rare late photograph of Oakeshott, which he dates to Durham circa 1985.

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Gene Callahan on Rationalism in Politics

Gene Callaghan has an article in the Freeman (January, 2009 edition) that discusses Oakeshott’s critique of Rationalism in Politics and finds real-world support for it in the case of the 1950s-60s urban planning that gave many Western nations our crime-ridden

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Previews of The Vocabulary of a Modern European State

Here, ready for download, are a couple of presents for anyone who would like a bigger taste of The Vocabulary of a Modern European State than Amazon’s “Search Inside” feature can provide. The front matter, including the Table of Contents

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