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Oakeshott and the Universities 1949

The Time magazine archive discloses a few of Oakeshott’s (amongst other people’s) thoughts from 1949 on the problem facing universities.

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Recent posts by Leslie Marsh

Over at his blog Man Without Qualities, Leslie Marsh has recently posted a couple of Oakeshott curiosities. One is a link to Time magazine’s 1950 story about Oakeshott’s appointment to the LSE, which it seems is now online along with

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Over at the blog Single World of Ideas there is a follow-up post to my discussion of Ken McIntyre and that blog’s views on posthumous Oakeshott publications. The author mentions that he (or she) attempted to post the rejoinder as

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Who did Oakeshott Influence?

According to the historian of medieval Europe, R.W. Southern: The success of a writer must be judged not only by the continuing study of his works, but — even more emphatically — by later scholars improving or enlarging his works,

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