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Edmund Neill’s Michael Oakeshott

Now available in paperback. Update, 11 March 2013: There is a video available on vimeo of the South Korean launch of Edmund Neill’s book.

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Penn State Companion Launch

The Penn State Companion will have its launch as part of a colloquium sponsored by The Alexander Hamilton Institute and Colgate’s Center for Freedom & Western Civilization: the theme “What Is a Civilizational Struggle: The Work of Samuel Huntington” Dates: Thur, April

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Oakeshott vs. America

Review of Gene Callahan’s latest.

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Call for Papers: Modernity and Its Discontents

This marks the seventh meeting of the Michael Oakeshott Association to be held at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, September 26-29, 2013 This year, we invite submissions on a broad topic: “Modernity and its Discontents.” We hope to engage

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Two New Noël O’Sullivan Articles

Two new Noël O’Sullivan pieces: (1) ‘The place of enlightenment in Oakeshott’s concept of liberal education.‘ Politeja, No 3 (17), 2011, pp. 5-16. (2) ‘Vida y Epoca de Oakeshott: Unas Memorias Filosoficas’ Cuardenos de pensamiento politico, no. 37, Enero/Marzo 2013, pp. 69-84.

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