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Michael Oakshott, The Philosopher Ploughman

This by Graham A. Macdonald in History Today Update, 16 June, 2013: Unfortunately, some time since this post was created, the article on the History Today site was put behind a paywall. You will need to subscribe to read it.

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Reply to Kekes by Bob Grant

Cambridge, 19.3.13 Dear MOA fellow-members, Regarding John Kekes’s comments in Notre Dame Philosophy Reviews (no. 2013.02.03) on my contribution to Paul and Leslie’s recent Companion to Michael Oakeshott, he is not obliged to like what I write, but he is

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Videos from South Korea conference on Oakeshott has videos of the conference about Oakeshott held at South Korea’s ASAN Institute for Policy Studies in November, 2012. The general theme of the conference was “Michael Oakeshott’s Cold War Liberalism”. Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Launch of

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LSE Memorial to Oakeshott, 1991

Amidst the flurry of news late last year about the Penn State University Press Companion to Michael Oakeshott, I missed this little addition to Leslie Marsh’s blog. It is a PDF copy of the programme of the memorial meeting for

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Two Companions Compared by Chapter and Author

The two Companion to Oakeshott volumes published in 2012, one by Cambridge University Press, the other by Penn State University Press, unsurprisingly cover a lot of similar ground. However, each anthology manages to include some elements that the other misses.

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