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Jesse Norman’s reflections reach Australia

One month on, the Australian Financial Review has republished Jesse Norman’s reflections inspired by Michael Oakeshott’s Notebooks. Note: the newspaper uses a paywall, so you will need to be a subscriber, or find a paper copy, or you will have

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A New Look at Michael Oakeshott

Lee Auspitz looks at the recent spate of Oakeshottiana in the Claremont Review of Books Spring 2014, Vol. XIV, No. 2: 54-59. For more by Lee Auspitz visit his site.

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Josiah Lee Auspitz on Oakeshott

Long-time Oakeshott student Josiah Lee Auspitz has begun putting his philosophical and political writings on the web – starting with his work on Oakeshott. There are several gems, including Auspitz’s beautifully written 1991 American Scholar obituary for Oakeshott, which I

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