Announcements — Feb 2008

MO Memorial Lecture, London School of Economics

For those of you in London, the LSE has a free Michael Oakeshott Memorial Lecture coming up on 20 February, 008. The subject matter: new ideas from evolutionary biology and game theory, and what they indicate about what Government can and cannot do to influence our behaviour. What would Oakeshott have made of that?

Update (23 Sept 2008): The lecture, and a transcript, are available from the LSE’s Public Lectures and Events page

Oakeshott Book Raffle Won by Corey Abel

Corey Abel won the raffle at last December’s MO Association conference in Jena. Corey very generously donated the bulk of the prize to some folks at his conference table. Once again we are indebted to Imprint Academic, Liberty Press and Yale University Press for their support.