Budapest 2023: Programme

Ludovika University of Public Service

Budapest, Hungary

SEPTEMBER 7-10, 2023

“Michael Oakeshott: Liberalism Revisited”



Thursday, September 7th, 2023

18:00-19:00  Reception (Main Building of the Ludovika University of Public Service, Ludovika Square, Zrinyi Hall)

19:00  Keynote address (Timothy Fuller) and Dinner (University restaurant)

Friday, September 8th, 2023

8:45-10:15  Panel I: Oakeshott and Liberal Education (Zrinyi Hall)

  • Quinton Peralta-Greenough—‘Liberalism in Liberal Education:  An Oakeshottian Contribution’
  • Andrew Humphries and Albert Loan—‘Oakeshott and Ostrom on Liberal and Political Education’
  • Kevin Williams—‘Extending the Conversation:  Decolonizing Oakeshott’s Philosophy of Liberal Education’
  • Eno Trimcev—‘An Oakeshottian Defense of European Citizenship in the Postmodern Age’
  • Chair: Ken McIntyre

10:30-12:00  Panel II: Oakeshott and Liberalism in the Non-Anglophone World

  • Gülşen Seven—‘The Wanting Ideology:  Liberalism in Turkey’
  • Leszek Nowak—‘Un-Oakeshottian Liberalism in Poland after 1989’
  • Chor-yung Cheung—‘Theorizing the Civil Condition:  Oakeshott and Chinese Liberalism’
  • Chair: Eric Kos

12:00-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00  Panel III: Oakeshott and Continental Thinkers

  • James Alexander—‘The Split Personality of the State’
  • Michael Adamo—‘The Individual Manqué in Oakeshott and Houellebecq’ 
  • Mathis Bitton—‘An Illiberal Life:  Oakeshott, Berlin, and the Counter-Enlightenment’
  • Samanta Stecko—‘Oakeshott’s Aristocratic Liberalism and Aristotle’s Conception of Magnanimity’
  • Chair: Leslie Marsh

15:15-16:45  Panel IV: Oakeshott and Meta-political Theory and Theorizing

  • Attila Molnar—‘Mobilization and Governing’
  • Ferenc Hörcher—‘The Idea of ‘the Political’ in Oakeshott and His Criticism of Ideology-Drive Liberalism in His Inaugural Speech’
  • Gene Callahan—‘Michael Oakeshott Goes Fishing’
  • Nathan Cockram—‘A Note on Oakeshott, Practical Knowledge, and Civil Society’
  • Chair: Attila Molnar

17:00 Dinner (John Lukacs Club)

Saturday, September 9th, 2023

8:45-10:15  Panel V: Oakeshott and Public Policy

  • Dean Ball—‘Navigating the Meridian:  Oakeshott’s Compass for Decentralized Environmental Policy’
  • Adam Lovasz—‘Michael Oakeshott on the Dangers of the Welfare State’
  • Kenneth McIntyre—‘Value Pluralism and Freedom of Association:  Oakeshottian Reflections’ 
  • Chair: Leslie Marsh

10:30-12:00  Panel VI: Oakeshott and Liberalism I

  • Jakob Söderbaum—‘Oakeshott—A Pioneer in Turning Conservatism into a Creed of Liberty’
  • Agostino Carrino—‘Oakeshott and Aron:  A Liberal Conservatism for the 21st Century?’ 
  • Gábor Megadja—‘What’s Wrong with Liberalism?’
  • Haosheng Li—‘Beyond an Instrumentalist View of the State?:  On Rawls’s “Political” Turn in Oakeshott’s Perspective’
  • Chair: Ken McIntyre

12:00-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00  Panel VII: Oakeshott and Liberalism II

  • Zoltán Pető—‘The Enemy of the Individual:  Michael Oakeshott and the Critique of Mass Politics’
  • Michael Jacobs—‘An Oakeshottian Analysis of Stephen Wolfe’s Christian Nationalism: Civil Association vs. The Complete Good’
  • Thomas Cheeseman—‘The Joys of Muddling:  Oakeshott among the Originalists’
  • Carlos Marques de Almeida, “Beyond Liberalism:  The English Imagination in the Political Theory of Michael Oakeshott”
  • Chair: Eric Kos

19:00 Dinner

Sunday, September 10th, 2023

Depart on individual schedules