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Is Severus Snape an Oakeshottian?

An extract from one of the chapters earmarked for Bakhurst and Fairfield’s forthcoming book on Oakeshott and education: “Pedagogy and other defenses against the dark arts”.

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Education and Conversation: Exploring Oakeshott’s Legacy

Coming soon

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Two New Noël O’Sullivan Articles

Two new Noël O’Sullivan pieces: (1) ‘The place of enlightenment in Oakeshott’s concept of liberal education.‘ Politeja, No 3 (17), 2011, pp. 5-16. (2) ‘Vida y Epoca de Oakeshott: Unas Memorias Filosoficas’ Cuardenos de pensamiento politico, no. 37, Enero/Marzo 2013, pp. 69-84.

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Oakeshott vs Bloom re Education

“Tory anarchist” Daniel McCarthy has posted some thoughts on the differences between Oakeshott and Allan Bloom’s views of education in The American Conservative magazine

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Practical implications of Oakeshott’s philosophy of education (Steven Tripp, 1992)

Michael Oakeshott’s Philosophy of Education and Its Implications for Instructional Design Theory and Practice, by Steven Tripp (1992)

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