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Are We Still Political Animals?

The University of Leiden’s Robbert-Jan Winters turned to Oakeshott’s theory of civil and enterprise association for insights in a July 2015 “mini-conference” at Oxford. “Although Oakeshott is not widely read, I argue that he offers a philosophically sophisticated definition of

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A Companion to Michael Oakeshott

Now available in paperback

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Michael Oakeshott and the Conversation of Modern Political Thought

New release

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Nardin’s Philosophy of Michael Oakeshott – on sale until 31 Oct

Terry Nardin’s 2001 book The Philosophy of Michael Oakeshott is one of the titles that has been discounted for the duration of the Penn State University Press Philosophy Book Sale. The sale runs until 31 October, 2014. The book is

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The Voice of Michael Oakeshott in the Conversation of Conservatism

Wilfred McClay’s talk┬áto the biennial meeting of the Michael Oakeshott Association, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, September 28, 2013.

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