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A late letter from Oakeshott

Critic and literary historian D.G. Myers has posted on his blog a copy of a letter he received from Michael Oakeshott in March 1990.

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Oakeshott on Burckhardt from 1954

Oakeshott’s work continues to inspire American conservatives today — at least to the extent of inspiring reprints. Thus the American Conservative recently saw fit to recycle Oakeshott’s 1954 review of an anthology of The Letters of Jacob Burckhardt.

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Samples of Oakeshott

Free samples of Oakeshott’s writing can be obtained from this site as well as a variety of other places on the web. Below is a list of the ones we know about (located at this site unless otherwise specified). Pre-WWII

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Introduction to Leviathan – compare 1946 vs 1975 editions for free

For several years we have known that the 1975 version of Oakeshott’s famous Introduction to Hobbes’s Leviathan has been available for free online, courtesy of Liberty Fund’s Online Library of Liberty. Leslie Marsh has now drawn our attention to the

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Oakeshott and the Universities 1949

The Time magazine archive discloses a few of Oakeshott’s (amongst other people’s) thoughts from 1949 on the problem facing universities.

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