False Positives from Amazon and Imprint

I got an email from Amazon last week announcing that The Vocabulary of a Modern European State was now available. I thought that was a bit sooner than Imprint Academic had scheduled its release and sure enough, the site itself says that the book can only be pre-ordered. But if you normally buy in greenbacks, or you are willing to play exchange rate roulette, then the pre-order price offers a slight discount from the list price.

Meanwhile, Imprint has addressed the problem of its clunky, pre-1999-looking, frames-based web site by turning to an outside service provider to produce…

A new online bookstore that seems to be almost as clunky as the old one! On the page for the The Vocabulary of a Modern European State there is a “Search Inside” link pointing to Amazon.co.uk, but unfortunately, as of today this leads to a dead end.