2003 Conference (Colorado)

The 2003 MOA Conference was held at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colarado, September 25-28, 2003.

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Conference Scene

2003 Conference Participants
2003 Conference Participants

List of Papers by Session

Session I: Oakeshott on Modality

  • Josiah Lee Auspitz, Sabre Foundation, Modality Writ Small
  • Jesse Norman, University College, London, The Other Modality of Maths, or the Case of the Missing Mode
  • Robert Goodman, University of Haifa, The Immediacy of Experience and the Integrity of Modes in the Work of Michael Oakeshott
  • Frank Palmer Purcell, New York, Ideas and Consequences: Michael Oakeshott and American Philosophy

Session II: The Relation of Theory and Practice

  • W. John Coats, Connecticut College, Michael Oakeshott and the Poetic Character of Human Activity
  • John Christian Larsen, University of California, Oakeshott’s Skepticism and the Skeptical Traditions
  • Stephen Turner, University of South Florida, Politics Without Rationalism in an Age of Experts

Session III: Oakeshott, Hobbes and Spinoza

  • Noel Malcolm, All Souls College, Oxford, Oakeshott and Hobbes
  • Douglas Den Uyl, Liberty Fund, Spinoza and Oakeshott
  • Patrick Riley, Universities of Wisconsin and Bologna, Oakeshott on Hobbes’s Theory of the Will

Session IV: Oakeshott’s Aesthetics

  • Corey Abel, Denver, Colorado, Oakeshott, Eliot, Beauty, Tradition
  • Debra Candreva, Wellesley College, The Supposed Purpose of Poetry: Oakeshott’s Defense of a Pointless Activity
  • Elizabeth Corey, Baylor University, Poetry and Transcendence in Oakeshott

Session V: Oakeshott’s Religious Sensibility

  • Todd Breyfogle, University of Denver, Rationalism in Religion: Michael Oakeshott’s Unspoken Critique of Religion
  • Michael Jones, University of Chicago, Unprotected by the Illusion of Affairs
  • Matthias Riedl, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, A Somber View of the Human Situation: Michael Oakeshott and Saint Augustine
  • Mark Shiffman, Villanova University, Religion, Liberal Education and the Human Vocation in Oakeshott

VI: Oakeshott’s Concept of Law

  • Nicholas Capaldi, Loyola University, New Orleans, Rule of Law, Politics, and Economics: An Oakeshottian Perspective
  • Richard Friedman, SUNY-Buffalo, Michael Oakeshott and the Elusive Identity of the Rule of Law
  • Russell Hittinger, University of Tulsa, Higher law, lower laws, and the Rule of Law

Session VII: Oakeshott, Hegel, J.S. Mill, Santayana, Collingwood

  • Paul Franco, Bowdoin College, Oakeshott’s Relationship to Hegel
  • George Feaver, Universtiy of British Columbia, Politics, Popular Government
    and Regimes of Liberty: Michael Oakeshott on Representative Democracy
  • Nick Rengger, St. Andrews University, Remaining unspotted from the world:
    the Skeptical Sensibilities of George Santayana and Michael Oakeshott

    (in absentia)
  • Massimo Iiritano, Università di Siena-Arezzo, Italy, Oakeshott,
    Collingwood and Personal Idealism
    (in absentia)

Session VIII: Oakeshott and Our Political Traditions

  • David Boucher, Cardiff University, Oakeshott, Republicanism and the Rule of Law
  • Jacob Segal, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Freedom and Normalization: Poststructuralism and the Liberalism of Michael Oakeshott
  • John Kekes, State University of New York, The Politics of Fairy Tales
  • Gerhard Wolmarans, University of Pretoria, South Africa, Michael Oakeshott’s Characterisation of Politics in an African Context

Session IX: On History and the Origins of the Modern European State

  • Martyn Thompson, Tulane University, The Voice of History in Human Affairs
  • Gordon Schochet, Rutgers University, Oakeshott’s History of the Modern European State (in absentia)
  • Eric Kos, University of Michigan, Platonic Themes in Oakeshott’s Understanding of the Modern European State

Session X: Oakeshott and Contemporary Philosophy

  • Eric McDaniel, George Mason Universtiy, Oakeshott and Wittgenstein on Rules and Practices
  • Leslie Marsh, University of Sussex, Coherentism and Relativism in the Philosophy of Michael Oakeshott
  • Attila Karoly Molnár, Eötvös University, Budapest, In Defence of Practice: Oakeshott Reads Michael Polányi
  • Gene Callaghan, Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Oakeshott and Mises on Understanding Human Action

Other Papers

  • Aryeh Botwinick, Temple University, Reconceptualizing Oakeshott’s Philosophy of Religion in the Light of a Re-envisioning of his Metaphysics

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