Oakeshott’s correspondence

Luke O’Sullivan is currently editing what is intended to be as complete an edition as possible of Oakeshott’s correspondence for publication. It will include letters to and from Oakeshott, both personal and intellectual. If anyone who has not previously been contacted regarding the project is able to help with fresh information regarding the whereabouts of any correspondence, this would be greatly appreciated.

All the letters at LSE, Oxford and Cambridge Universities and their several Colleges, Reading University, and other UK archives have already been acquired, as has all the correspondence in the USA in Library of Congress and the Hoover Institution, and Tel Aviv in Israel. Many individuals with private holdings in the UK and USA have also been kind enough to allow publication. However, there may well be more that remains to be discovered.

Likewise, if anyone is interested in helping with the task of transcribing some of the remaining items, their assistance would be more than welcome and their efforts will be duly acknowledged at publication. The current MS is around 600,000 words and contains around 1500 items but there is still plenty of work remaining! Luke O’Sullivan can be contacted at luke.d.osullivan using gmail.com.