Michael Oakeshott Entry on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The long overdue entry in the SEP. The entry written by Terry Nardin.

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Notebooks, 1922-86

New review in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

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Is Severus Snape an Oakeshottian?

An extract from one of the chapters earmarked for Bakhurst and Fairfield’s forthcoming book on Oakeshott and education:

“Pedagogy and other defenses against the dark arts”.

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Education and Conversation: Exploring Oakeshott’s Legacy

Coming soon


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MOA Hull


Two of the official photographs from the recent Hull conference.


Terry Nardin, Keynote Speaker


Executive Committee

Front L to R: Corey Abel, John Coats, Tim Fuller, Bob Grant

Back L to R: Kevin Williams, Leslie Marsh, Chor-yung Cheung, Noel O’Sullivan, Mark North, Paul Franco, Ken McIntyre

Absent: Elizabeth Corey and Eric Kos

Update, 29 December, 2015:
Additional photographs from the conference have been posted on the conference’s page on the University of Hull’s website.

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