Two Companions Compared by Chapter and Author

The two Companion to Oakeshott volumes published in 2012, one by Cambridge University Press, the other by Penn State University Press, unsurprisingly cover a lot of similar ground. However, each anthology manages to include some elements that the other misses.

The following table shows the areas of overlap and difference between the chapters of the two books.

Chapter topics and the authors who address them in the two Companions to Oakeshott
Topic Cambridge Companion Penn State Companion
Oakeshott’s Life Nil Robert Grant
Context/Influences on Oakeshott
German Idealism Efraim Podoksik Nil
British Idealism David Boucher David Boucher
Modes of Experience/Understanding
Philosophy of modes – in general James Alexander Kenneth McIntyre
History Luke O’Sullivan Geoffrey Thomas
Science Byron Kaldis Nil
"Poetry" (aesthetic experience) Elizabeth Corey Corey Abel
History of Political Thought
History of Political Thought – in general Nil Martyn Thompson
Oakeshott on Hobbes Ian Tregenza Noel Malolm
Political Philosophy and Politics
Post-WWII Critique of Rationalism in Politics
  1. Steven Smith
  2. Dana Villa
Kenneth Minogue
On Human Conduct and Civil Association
  1. Paige Digester & Richard Flathman
  2. William Galston
Noel O’Sullivan
Rhetoric Terry Nardin Nil
Law Nil Steven Gerencser
Oakeshott’s conservatism and/or liberalism Andrew Gamble Robert Devigne
Philosophy of Education
Education Kevin Williams Paul Franco
Assorted other topics
Religion Nil Elizabeth Corey
Oakeshott and Hayek on Mind Nil Leslie Marsh
Modernity/ the Moral Life / the Human Condition Nil Timothy Fuller
Scholarly Aids
Chronology Yes Nil
Bibliography Yes Nil
Index Yes Yes