Update on The Meanings of Oakeshott’s Conservatism

Sadly, Imprint Academic’s “See inside” link for the new book, The Meanings of Oakeshott’s Conservatism, does not work.

Happily, thanks to the book’s editor, Corey Abel (who is also the MO Association’s current President), we can provide you with a downloadable preview of the table of contents (PDF format).

As previously mentioned, a draft version of one chapter, Leslie Marsh’s “Ryle and Oakeshott on the ‘Knowing-How/Knowing-That’ Distinction”, is available at Scribd.

In addition, an earlier version of another chapter, Ivo Mosley’s “A Dark Age Devoted to Barbaric Affluence” (again, in PDF) has been available on this web site with the author’s permission since it was presented to the 2006 MOA Conference.

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  1. I’ve spoken with Imprint Academic, and the “look inside” link on Amazon should be up shortly. But thanks, Alan, for also making the list of authors/chapters available here. — Corey Abel