A Companion to Michael Oakeshott

With two weeks to go before the official publication date (Oct 19) I’ve been trailing the essays comprising the volume. So far I’ve given tasters from the following essays and will work up to the highly distinctive piece by Bob Grant. Stay tuned.

6 The Religious Sensibility of Michael Oakeshott
Elizabeth Corey

7 Whatever It Turns Out to Be: Oakeshott on Aesthetic Experience
Corey Abel

8 Un Début dans la Vie Humaine: Michael Oakeshott on Education
Paul Franco

9 Michael Oakeshott on the History of Political Thought
Martyn Thompson

10 Oakeshott and Hobbes
Noel Malcolm

11 The Fate of Rationalism in Oakeshott’s Thought
Kenneth Minogue

12 Oakeshott and Hayek: Situating the Mind
Leslie Marsh

13 Oakeshott as Conservative
Robert Devigne

14 Oakeshott on Civil Association
Noël O’Sullivan

15 Oakeshott on Law
Steven Gerencser