About Us

History, Aims and Founding Members

The Michael Oakeshott Association was founded in 1999. What began as a very modest and informal forum for discussion of Oakeshott snowballed into a fully fledged 501(c) (3) non-profit (registered in the USA). The inaugural conference of the Association took place at the London School of Economics (2001) and subsequent conferences have been held, usually in every other year, in the USA and Europe.

Philosophical reflection is the driving force behind the Association’s discussions. There is a great deal more to Oakeshott than his political philosophy, a political stance that is, in any event, highly contested. The MOA is NOT a talking shop for those seeking an ideological forum. The MOA is an ecumenical group, engaging all shades of opinion. There is a great deal more to Oakeshott: epistemology and metaphysics, philosophy of history, philosophical jurisprudence, education; aesthetics and religion.

Honorary Founding Fellows

  • Timothy Fuller
  • Burton C. Gray †
  • Elie Kedourie †
  • Shirley Robin Letwin †
  • Kenneth Minogue 
  • Simon Oakeshott †
  • Robert Orr †
  • Anthony Quinton †

Charter Members

  • Auspitz, Josiah Lee
  • Boucher, David
  • Callahan, Gene
  • Farr, Anthony
  • Flew, Antony †
  • Fuller, Timothy
  • Goodman, Robert
  • Grant, Robert
  • Grosby, Steven
  • Jascoll, John
  • Kekes, John
  • Knepper, Paul
  • MacDonald, Graham
  • McDaniel, Eric
  • Marsh, Leslie
  • Minogue, Kenneth 
  • Morrison, Ian
  • Myers, DG †
  • Nardin, Terry & Jane
  • Nelson, Paul
  • Reynolds, Noel
  • Schochet, Gordon
  • Shapiro, Robert
  • Stange III, Gilbert
  • Stark, Peter M.
  • Thompson, Martyn
  • Turner, Stephen