Get ’em while they’re (almost) affordable

An email message from has just drawn my attention to the fact that the site is — for a limited time — offering a substantial discount on one soon-to-be-published Oakeshott book.

The book is Michael Oakeshott by Edmund Neill, one book in a series from Continuum on Major Conservative and Libertarian Thinkers.

The book normally has a rather severe sticker shock (US$130 or 65 pounds for a 160-page hardback, which compares poorly with the US$29.95 or 18.99 pounds that the same publisher offers for the 256-page hardback of Roger Scruton’s Understanding Music), so any discount is worth noticing.

Amazon’s offer is a pre-order price of $81.90 (37% off) until the book’s release date of 1st October.

Interestingly, as of today, is only offering 5% off the standard price.

The Continuum Books web site has a description of the book.