2006 Conference (Colorado)

Theme: Conservatism in the 21st Century

Dates:Thursday 8th-Saturday 10th June, 2006

Venue: Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903, USA

Note: The conference had originally been scheduled for Tulane University, New Orleans, in 2005, but was postponed due to the damage wrought on that city by Hurricane Katrina.


  • The President of Colorado College
  • The Dean of Colorado College
  • The Political Science Department of Colorado College
  • Individual Member Donors

Conference Photo

A few of the conference participants
A few of the conference participants

Available Papers

Conference Program


Arrival and check in throughout the day at Clarion Hotel, Colorado Springs

Transportation provided from the Clarion Hotel to the Colorado College campus

6:30 PM: Opening reception at Bemis Hall on the Colorado College campus

7:15 PM: Dinner, Bemis Hall, followed by Post-Dinner Welcome by Timothy Fuller, President, Michael Oakeshott Association


Breakfast is provided with room at the Clarion Hotel.
Transportation to the College campus provided.
All panels will be held in Gaylord Hall in the Worner Campus Center.

8-9 AM: Coffee service at Gaylord Hall in the Worner Center

Timothy Fuller, delivering the Presidential Address
Timothy Fuller, delivering the Presidential Address

9-10:15 AM: Presidential Address

Timothy Fuller, Colorado College:
The Relation of Philosophy and Conservatism in the Thought of Michael Oakeshott

10:30-12: FIRST PANEL: The Conservative Disposition

Dr. Elaine Sternberg, Research Fellow in Philosophy, Leeds University:
On Being a Conservative Philosopher

Professor Stephen Turner, Philosophy, U. Of South Florida:
The Conservative Disposition and the Precautionary Principle

Dr. Michael Henkel, U. Of Jena:
Otto Gierke’s Genossenschaftslehre and Oakeshott’s Concept of Liberty


1:15-3:00: SECOND PANEL: Conversing, Conserving, Educating

Professor Richard Flathman, The Johns Hopkins University:
Conversation, Conversion, Conservation: Oakeshott, Arendt and a Little Bit of Cavell

Professor Martyn Thompson, Tulane University:
The Voice of Hobbes in the Conversation of Mankind

Ferenc Horcher, Professor of Aesthetics, Pazmany Peter University, Hungary:
The Ciceronian Element in Oakeshott’s Concept of Conversation

3:15-5:00: THIRD PANEL: Ryle and Oakeshott

Leslie Marsh, University of Sussex:
“Ryle and Oakeshott on the ‘Knowing-How/Knowing-That’ Distinction” (external; at Scribd)

Discussants: Professor John Coats, Connecticut College,
Professor Richard Flathman, The Johns Hopkins University;
Mr. Mark North, Independent Scholar

5:15-6:45: FOURTH PANEL: Religion and Morals

Dr. Corey Abel, Metropolitan State College of Denver:
The Theological Analogue of the Civil Condition

Todd Breyfogle, Director, University Honors Program, U. Of Denver:
Language and the Conservation of the Religious Disposition

Dr. Ian Tregenza, Macquarie University, Sydney:
Sceptical Religion and the Idea of Tradition

Discussant: Dr. Elizabeth Corey, Baylor University


Transportation to the Clarion. Executive Committee meets for dinner.


Transportation from the Clarion

8-9 AM: Coffee Service at Gaylord Hall

9-10:30: FIFTH PANEL: Politics and Culture

Kenneth McIntyre, Centre College:
One Hand Clapping: The Reception of Oakeshott’s Work by American Conservatives

George Feaver, Professor Emeritus, U. Of British Columbia
On Being English: The Enduring Witness of Churchill, Orwell and Oakeshott

Byron Kaldis, Philosophy, The Hellenic Open University, Greece:
Conservative Antinomies and Modes of Experience: The Case of Religion and Art

Andrew Sullivan
Andrew Sullivan

10:45-12: ADDRESS

Dr. Andrew Sullivan, Senior Editor, The New Republic:
Oakeshott and Today’s Conservative Crack-Up


1:15-2:45: SIXTH PANEL: Oakeshott Modern and Post-Modern

Ivo Mosley, Imprint Academic:
A Dark Age Devoted to Barbaric Affluence: Oakeshott’s Verdict on the Modern World

Professor Karoly Attila Molnar, Eotvos University, Budapest:
Conservatism’s Paradox in Post-Socialism

Jeff Rabin, Blythwood Academy:
Richard Rorty, Michael Oakeshott & Liberalism without Foundations

Professor Roy Tseng, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan:
Philosophical Conservatism and Modernity

3-4:30: SEVENTH PANEL: Oakeshott on Modality and Law

Josiah Lee Auspitz, Michael Oakeshott Fellow (2006-7):
The Concept of Modality in the Philosophy of Institutions

Gene Callahan, London School of Economics:
Geography Cannot Replace History

Discussant: Mr. Justin Shubow, Yale Law School


Transportation to the Clarion Hotel

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