2009 Conference (Baylor)

Date: November 12-14, 2009
Location: Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Conference posterTheme: Oakeshott, Strauss and Voegelin

The fifth meeting of the Michael Oakeshott Association was hosted by Baylor University. Because Oakeshott, Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin overlapped so extensively in their interests and yet differed sharply on certain points of method and teaching, comparisons among them often prove fruitful and enlightening. Hence, we invited papers on topics that all three thinkers address, such as:

  • the function and place of liberal education
  • the fruitful tensions between reason and revelation
  • the relationship between religion and politics
  • the meaning of political philosophy
  • the crisis of modernity
  • the role that studying the ancients may play in better understanding our modern situation.


The final program for the Conference.

Conference Participants

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Full size group photo of participants

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