Oakeshott, Dewey and democratic skepticism

Oakeshott’s “skepticism” and “non-foundationalism” seem to be topics of growing interest. The theme was picked up by Aryeh Botwinick in his recently released book, and in December a (relatively) new voice joined the choir. Conor Williams, summarising his recently defended dissertation, declared:

Despite their surface-level differences [one a political progressive, the other decidedly not] there are some surprising affinities between the two on a more theoretical level…In essence, both recognized the importance of historical context in political right, but refused to settle for pure multi-culturalism. The technical terms are eye-poppingly awkward: they both accept a coherentist approach to truth, an idealist epistemology, and discomfort with metaphysics/ontology…How could they be so similar and so different?

We look forward to the book.

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